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Review by meredithc
Rating: 5 star rating

Fifty, Fifty, Fifty. I cannot get enough Fifty.

No doubt, you will all have read a lot of mixed reviews for the Fifty Shades Trilogy but my opinion is Fifty Shades is EXCELLENT. How can anyone complain about more Fifty?
Fifty Shades of Grey 50 shades of greyEL James’s sensual story may well have been derided by pundits, but it certainly has not stopped men and women snapping up the tale involving a virginal heroine who falls for a bondage-loving billionaire.

In case you might have been living in a cave, or simply emersed in sports activities of a different form which don’t comprise 50 shades of anything, the trilogy details the bond between twenty-something Anastasia Steele and billionaire Christian Grey.

Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel written by E. L. James. The book was released in 2011 and has received a huge following. The novel is the first in a set of three and the plot follows the relationship of a college graduate Anastasia Steele and a young businessman Christian Grey. Currently the series has sold 40 million copies across the world and has made it to the top of almost every bestseller list. While erotic fiction is nothing new, Fifty Shades has taken the world by storm for its well-written and interesting plot.

Kindle or Ereader

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Kindle owners are also reading so much more, being that they are shopping for four times the amount of publications before getting a Kindle, meaning the total 50 Shades trilogy is getting paid for digitally, rather than physically, and read on the sly.

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The book starts with the introduction of a senior known as Ana. Ana lives with her friend Katherine, a writer for the college paper. Although Katherine has a job interview, she catches a cold and, not wanting to make a bad impression, convinces Ana to go in for the interview in her place. Ana goes to the interview and meets Christian Grey, a young entrepreneur. Ana finds him attractive but is also intimated by his confidence and struggles to maintain her poise.

Ana leaves the interview convinced it went poorly and goes back to her job at a local hardware store. Grey shows up and while making a few purchases tells Ana that he would like to take pictures to go with the article and leaves his phone number with her. Katherine encourages Ana to make the appointment and they set up a photo shoot with Jose Rodriquez, a local photographer.

They meet for the photographs and then Grey takes Ana out for coffee. In a revealing conversation, Grey reveals that he doesn’t like the romance part of relationships and isn’t a flowers kind of guy. Ana is further confused by this interaction and leaves believing that they will have no further interactions. Grey send her a gift the following day and through several other interactions, the two begin a confusing relationship. Grey wants to pursue a BDSM relationship, but asks Ana to sign a contract including a non-disclosure agreement and other papers outlining the details of their sexual relationship. This plunges Ana into a world of desire and bondage with which she has no experience.

Fifty Shades of Grey offers an intriguing look at the idea of lust versus love. Ana is revealed to be a virgin. Although she is an adult and a senior in college, she is painted as an innocent character who has never given into desire. Ana prefers love and romance. She wants a man who is going to be a companion and seems like a person who would end up with a normal marriage, a few kids, and a family dog. However, she is fascinated by Grey and his world. He offers something that appeals to her deeper desires. His visceral and sometimes frightening nature makes her want him deeply, even though she struggles with this throughout the book.

Christian’s character is also fascinating. He tells Ana that he won’t touch her until she signs the contract, but then goes back on this and proceeds to have a physical relationship. It is clear to audiences that even though Grey claims to only want a physical relationship, he feels deeply for Ana. Although it may seem that Ana is the one that is being changed, Grey also experiences changes and feelings. Grey is drawn to Ana, seeing her as a chaste beauty and realizing that she has never had a man. Throughout 50 shades of grey, he and Ana constantly argue over the contract and what it includes, although Ana never signs it. Readers also learn that Christian had lost his virginity at 15 to a much older woman, his mother’s friend, and begin to understand his trouble with traditional relationships.

Fifty Shades of Grey may seem like the traditional steamy romance novel, but audiences will be drawn into the book based on the characters. Both Ana and Grey are not what they originally appear. This is a fascinating and intriguing look at two people who, coming from two different worlds, struggle though a relationship and understanding each other. E.L. James wrote a bestseller with her portrayal of these characters and audiences will quickly finish this book and move on to the next two.

From the initial page of 50 Shades of Grey to the final page of Freed I became mesmerized. It has been a long time since I have read novels that have managed to absorb my thoughts the way this trilogy did. It possessed it all: suspense, coy banter, pain, intrigue and hot steamy sex scenes. It actually was able to irritate the hell out of me on several occasions, but did this result in me to flinging it to one side –NO. I became way too entranced. I actually chuckled that I noticed myself so irritated merely by a novel. Sure, that is excellent writing

Books 2 and 3

James’s follow-ups: Fifty Shades Darker  and Fifty Shades Freed , have in effect sold 3.6 million and 3.2 million copies respectively, currently taking the trilogy to combined United Kingdom sales revenue of more than 12 million.

Global income of the trilogy are declared to be in excess of 40 million – even so a considerable ways from the 450 million achieved by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

The Author

James, 49, a mother-of-two originally from west London, is a former writer for T.V. crime dramas Silent Witness and Wire In The Blood. She very rarely gives interviews also, the raciest information she has supplied pertaining to her own personal way of life is that she prefers to eat Nutella straight from the jar. James has mentioned the success of the publications as “completely and utterly overwhelming”.

The Movie

Its erotic characteristics has resulted in quite a stir amongst pundits and enthusiasts equally. There is also talk that Fifty Shades of Grey is getting ready to be transformed into a Hollywood movie and the character of Christian Grey has come to be one of the most hotly contented for in Hollywood. Scarlett Johansson and even Angelina Jolie amongst the high-profile actresses mooted for the lead role.

The Publishers

Random House, the publisher, said the paperback is considered now a little more desired than The Highway Code.
Her publishers seem to be somewhat more effusive. Susan Sandon, managing director of Cornerstone, a division of Random House, said: “The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon is undoubtedly perhaps one of the most wonderful experiences coming from all my overall publishing career plus i feel blessed to be part of it. “The momentum plus absolute size of the gross sales is overwhelming.”

The Sales

The book has sold 5.3 million copies. The 5.3 million figure comprises 3.8 million physical books and 1.5 million ebooks. In terms of printed books, Fifty Shades of Grey has until now to catch up with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which actually sold over 4 million copies in the Uk. Harry Potter numbers have been based on print sales entirely because the series wasn’t available for sale in digital format when they were very first circulated

Best Seller

The book is still number one in the UK best-seller chart for the 16th week running. Move over Twilight and Harry Potter because there’s definitely a extremely hot brand new book series in the city. Because of this it’s just attained itself the title of the best-selling British book of all time. The news was indeed broken by the book’s UK publisher, Random House, who Tweeted proclaiming: “E.L James’ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY turns out to be the top selling British book of all time!  The actual author herself is quoted as claiming: “This is truly astonishing. The complete process has been simultaneously remarkable plus enjoyable.”

Final Thought

The mother-of-two, a past self-published “Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)” author, has said that her novels’ achievement are attributed to supplying women a “holiday from their husbands”.

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